Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction in Pakistan Breast reduction surgery in Pakistan, Lahore at affordable cost & done by trained consultant plastic surgeon. Breast reduction is used to decrease or reduce the size of breast. And reshape breast so that it matches with rest of body. Breast reduction Surgery is needed in those patients who develop excessively large breasts […]

Overseas Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Travelling for plastic surgery is becoming quite common now a days due to high costs of cosmetic surgery in Europe & USA. Now increasingly patients are visiting Pakistan to get their surgery done at very low prices. It is part of medical tourism  of plastic & cosmetic surgery in lahore, Pakistan. Dr […]

Breast Plastic Surgery

Breast Plastic surgery  Pakistan, Lahore Best breast plastic surgery in Pakistan, Lahore available. Breast reshaping is required in order to deal with age related changes in breast like breast ptosis or sagging. It may also be required in cases of decreased development of breast, for which either breast implant or fat transfer may be required […]