Fillers injections

Fillers injections in Pakistan

Fillers treatment in Lahore Pakistan, now  at affordable price. Filler injections are available at cheap cost. Dermal filler injections  meant for  skin rejuvenation, younger look. And get rid wrinkles on face at specific location.We use imported filler injections from Germany, Italy , Uk & Switzerland. Main ingredient is injection hyaluronic acid. These injections are safe in trained hand. Complications can occurs following these highly specialised treatments from quacks ( not trained in specific field dermatology or plastic surgery) & beauticians.

Filler Injections cost in Pakistan

Filler injection cost in Lahore, Pakistan  ranges from 15 to 30 thousand  rupees depending on quantity of injection. Its cost may also depend upon quality of dermal filler. We offer dermal filler at discounted rates from 16 to 30 thousand. Dermal filler injections quantity & cost Hyaluronic acid fillers are available in 1 ml quantity. 2500 & 5000 mg glutathione  may be made available as well. To get treatment from highly qualified plastic surgeon Dr Saleem  at discounted prices, Whatsapp +923445203650 or call 03445203650 WhatsApp, IMO, Viber contact also available. To get these injections treatment, click dermal filler injections.

Lip fillers cost in pakistan
lip Fillers in Pakistan

Dermal Fillers Indications

Filler treatment is indicated for

  1. Fillers are commonly indicated for lip augmentation or lip enlargement.
  2. Treatment of wrinkles of face
  3. deep Laugh lines treatment
  4. Non surgical rhinoplasty ( nose reshaping with fillers)
  5. wrinkles around lip
  6. depressed Scars especially acne scars treatment
  7. cheek augmentation
  8. Dark eye circle treatment with fillers
  9. Chin augmentation or enhancement
  10. Vampire or liquid facelift with fillers in combination

Results of filler treatment

Filler treatment takes only 10 to 15 minutes. Results become apparent at same time. This treatment has very short down time or recovery. Results of filler last from 4 to 6 months. Then repetition is generally needed.

Side Effects of dermal fIllers

fillers treatment is generally safe but side effects are also common especially if done from untrained person Or from beautician. common side effects of fillers include

  1. swelling of face
  2.  bruising
  3. Risk of infections if adequate hygiene is not mantained
  4. Nodule formation

Fillers treatment in Lahore Pakistan before & After

Lip Augmentation fillers before & after

Find out lip augmentation cost in lahore Pakistan. Cost of lip augmentation in Pakistan varies from 15 thousand to 45 thousand depending upon treatment method & filler quantity.

Lip augmentation in lahore, Pakistan
Lip augmentation (before & after)
Lip augmentation cost in Pakistan
Lip augmentation in Lahore, pakistan

Nose reshaping with filler ( NON surgical rhinoplasty) in Lahore, Pakistan

Non surgical rhinoplasty or nose reshaping without surgery cost in lahore, Pakistan ranges from 15 thousand to 40 thousand.

Non surgical rhinoplasty with filler
Non surgical rhinoplasty with filler (before & after)

Dark circles treatment with filler (dark circle removal)

Dark circle removal cost in lahore, Pakistan varies from 15 thousand to 45 thousand with fillers.

Dark circle treatment before & after
Dark circle treatment with filler (before & after)

Booking for Filler injections treatment in Pakistan, Lahore

For Booking or ask anything regarding Dermal filler injections. Contact us by  Free Consultation about about filler injections . Consult Dr Saleem, consultant Plastic surgeon for filler injection cost in Lahore Pakistan, side effects, results in Pakistan, Lahore. +923445203650Whatsapp , or call viber & IMO can also be done.