Fat grafting surgery

Fat grafting surgery in Pakistan, lahore, a recent trend in plastic and cosmetic surgery. This procedure involves the transfer of fat from one part of body to another to enhance features.

Fat transfer is generally done for face, breast & buttock (BBL). And many other applications. For booking appointment & cost of fat grafting surgery in Pakistan, lahore contact now. 03445203650 whatsapp.

Fat grafting surgery cost in Pakistan, Lahore

Fat grafting surgery cost in Pakistan, lahore ranges from 45 thousand to 75 thousand for face. To get fuller cheeks it is injected into face. #fatgraftingsurgery #fatgraft

To know about cost of fat transfer surgery in Lahore, Pakistan WhatsApp now 03445203650.

Fat grafting surgery face before & after

Breast fat transfer

Breast fat transfer is one of common procedures to increase size of breast in females. For breast augmentation fat transfer is generally done in multiple sessions.

Fat is taken from tummy or thighs and it is then purified. And then injected into breast for breast enhancement. #breastfattransfer #breastaugmentation

Fat grafting is one of safest procedure for breast enlargement. It can achieve desirous size and contour within reasonable limits.

Breast fat grafting surgery

Breast fat grafting surgery can be performed under both regional as well as general anaesthesia. Procedure generally takes 2 to 3 hours. Recovery from procedure takes around days.
Fat is harvested by liposuction, and it is collected in container. And then it is injected into breast. After surgery compression garment is worn on liposuction donor site.

In addition to breast fat grafting, breast implants surgery also offered by us. Read more about breast augmentation with implants.

What is the cost of breast fat transfer surgery in Pakistan, lahore?

Breast fat transfer surgery in Pakistan, Lahore cost ranges from 1 lac 25 thousand to 1 lac 75 thousand. Cost varies depending upon type of anaesthesia, hospital stay & medications etc.

How many sessions of fat transfer required for breast augmentation?

Multiple sessions of fat grafting required to obtain desirous size of breast.
Gap between sessions is around 3 to 6 months.

Why fat grafting requires multiple sessions?

Fat transfer requires multiple sessions because 40 to 50% of fat get absorbed after first session or subsequent sessions.

However after 2 to 3 sessions permanent results are obtained.

Butt enhancement with fat transfer (BBL)

Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is then enhancement of buttocks with fat transfer. Breast lipofilling multiple sessions can give defined enhanced look for Butt.

BBL surgery takes 3 hours with one to two weeks recovery time. #Bbl
It gives good body contouring as liposuction is performed from tummy, waist & hips for fat harvest. To know details & price about fat grafting for Butt enlargement contact now 0923445203650 WhatsApp.

Dark circles removal

Dark circles can be effectively removed with fat grafting of under eye area. With this procedure hollow under eyes are filled and get you long standing results.

Cheek & chin augmentation

cheek fullness can be done with fat grafting. This will enhance features of face & cheek.

Chin augmentation or enhancement achieved with multiple sessions of fat transfer.

It has also used for depressed scars and Romberg disease.

Acne Scar treatment with fat injections

Acne scars which are deep are managed with fat injections. This lipo filling involves subcision & fat grafting to fill deep scars.

Acne scars surgery

Surgeon for fat transfer surgery?

Doctor Saleem plastic surgeon is Specialist in field of fat transfer surgeries. He has performed hundreds of such surgeries. #doctorsaleemplasticsurgeon #doctorsaleem

Results of fat grafting surgery

check below pictures & videos of successful fat transfer surgeries.

videos of fat grafting on YouTube.

Cheek augmentation with fat grafting
Fat grafting surgery procedure video
Before and after fat transfer surgery
Fat transfer results

Appointment and consultation

For appointment & consultation with doctor Saleem consultant plastic surgeon about fat grafting surgery in Pakistan, lahore. WhatsApp 093445203650

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