Microtia or absent ear

Microtia Treatment in Pakistan

Few children are born without ear, such condition is called microtia. Absent ears or small ears are treated by us in two stages. 1st stage rib cartilages is harvested & moulded into ear shape. In 2nd stage ear is brought into proper position.we offer this microtia treatment in Pakistan, Lahore at affordable cost. Though it is very expensive surgery in world.

we offer all types of ear reconstructive surgeries in Lahore, Pakistan. Dr Saleem routinely perform otoplasty, bat ear & microtia reconstructive surgery.

Stages of Microtia Treatment

Generally two stages

1st stage

1st Stage takes 6 to 8 hours. In this stages either ribs cartilage or ear implant is inserted into ear pocket. Hospital stay of 3 to 5 days required

2nd stage

surgery takes place 6 months after 1st surgery. In this stage ear is brought into normal position. This stage takes 2 hours.

Microtia surgery in lahore
Microtia surgery in Lahore
Microtia treatment in Pakistan
Rib Cartilage framework
Ear reshaping in Pakistan
After ear reconstruction
Absent ears
Microtia surgery in Pakistan
1st Stage of ear reconstruction
Ear reconstruction in Pakistan
2nd stage of microtia surgery

Cost Of microtia surgery in Pakistan

Microtia surgery cost in lahore, Pakistan varies from 3 to 6 lacs , depending upon degree of ear deformity. It is long & expensive surgery throughout the world. We offer affordable cost to patient.

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Options of microtia treatment

  1. Rib Cartilages
  2. Ear framework implants
  3. Artificial ear or prosthetic ear

Side effects of Ear reconstruction

Side effects include pain, swelling, haematoma, exposure of cartilage framework & skin necrosis.


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