Face Plastic Surgery

A youthful or beautiful face everybody wants. They resort to get it with different options. Some choose non surgical. Some go for plastic surgery options. We offer all range of cosmetic & plastic surgery procedures in Lahore, Pakistan. Face treatments are unique in a sense it gives you expressions & identity. So everyone wants a… Continue reading Face Plastic Surgery

Skin care Tips

Secrets to clean fresh skin Every body wants clean & healthy skin. They opt for different skin care products including creams, facials etc. But mostly ending up causing severe damage to skin. Some are faced with common skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, scars. Sun Protection Sun protection is one the basic factors to prevent harmful… Continue reading Skin care Tips

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How to loose weight

Weight loss ┬áTreatments Everybody want a lean & beautiful body shape. Multiple weight loss treatments available. Most of people resort to different methods for weight loss starting from dieting to exercise. But to maintain & loose weight requires lot of motivation & effort. Weight loss with Exercise This proves to be most difficult method especially… Continue reading How to loose weight