Laser Treatment Lahore Pakistan

Laser Treatments in Lahore Pakistan

Lasers nowadays used for many cosmetic treatments  hair removal, skin rejuvenation, wrinkles, birth spots, acne scars, warts, pigmentation and so many other skin conditions. Part of their preference for usage is without surgery, cut , scar , pain & limited down time. There efficacy is on the rise with every passing day due to latest developments in laser designs. We offer laser treatments at affordable costs in Lahore Pakistan.

Laser treatment in Lahore Pakistan
Laser treatments

Hair removal laser in lahore Pakistan

Hair removal laser cost in lahore, Pakistan ranges from 5 to 10 thousand for face per session. We offer laser session from 4 to 6 thousand. Lasers are treatment of choice for removing hairs from face & different body parts. Laser hair removal requires multiple sessions. Average 5 to 8 sessions required.

Response of hair removal laser is variable. Those patients with dark hair benefit more than brown hair.Total body hair removal with laser is also available.

Laser hair removal treatment cost in Lahore Pakistan
Laser hair removal

For hair removal laser appointment 03445203650 whatsapp, or call IMO. or for free online consultation click here.

Laser acne scar treatment in lahore Pakistan

Acne scars are troublesome condition especially in young age. Fraxel CO2 laser is currently latest treatment for acne scars. Multiple session required.

Acne scar laser treatment cost in Lahore, Pakistan is 6 to 8 thousand per session.To get appointment contact now.

laser acne scar treatment cost in Lahore Pakistan
laser acne scar treatment

Laser Pigmentation treatment Pakistan

Laser can effectively treat freckles, melasma & few other pigmented conditions. It helps to breakdown melanin pigment resulting in improvement of skin.

Laser pigmentation treatment cost around 5 to 7 thousand per session. For details  +923445203650 Whatsapp, IMO.

Laser Tattoo removal in Lahore Pakistan

Tattoos made of various inks can be effectively removed through laser. average 5 to 8 sessions required for tattoo removal. Laser Tattoo removal cost in Lahore Pakistan is around 6to 8 thousand per session. To book an appointment 03445203650 whatsapp or free online consultation.

Laser skin rejuvenation in Pakistan

skin resurfacing or rejuvenation can be achieved with laser. Fraxel CO2 laser is routinely used for this purpose.

Spectra laser also available.

laser face rejuvenation in Lahore Pakistan
Laser face resurfacing
Facelift surgery in pakistan
Facelift surgery

For face rejuvenation other treatments like filler, microneedling can also be added.

Appointment for laser in Lahore Pakistan

For appointment & details about cost of laser treatment in lahore Pakistan contact us

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Free online consultation also available.