Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation  Pakistan

Breast augmentation in Pakistan at affordable price, being offered by us. We offered latest methods of enlargement with fat transfer & breast implants in Lahore Pakistan. We use imported implants from US, UK , Brazil & Korea. This surgery takes on average around 60 to 90 minutes. Surgery is performed under proper sterilisation by consultant plastic surgeon to avoid any side effects.

Breast augmentation surgery is meant to enhance body image, personality & confidence in population suffering from decrease  growth. It is also indicated in cases of less development of breast or those who have undergone breast removal due to cancer.

We use FDA approved breast implants with life time warranty.

Side Effects

Implant surgery is now considered safe due to tremendous improvement in design & material of implants. These implants are continuously monitored for quality control. Common side effects include

  1. Risk of Implant infection is reduced by using meticulous cosmetic surgery techniques & sterilisation.
  2. Implant migration can occur if proper sized implants are not used.
  3. Pain for few days
  4. Very small risk of leakage of implants , which is covered by warranty.
  5.  Capsule contracture

Breast Augmentation cost

Breast augmentation cost in varies from 6000 to 15000$ in world.

We offer breast augmentation package with implants at 2000$ for overseas travellers.

Fat transfer for breast prices range from 1000 to 1500$.

Cost depend upon type of procedure u choose. while fat transfer is relatively cheaper than  implant surgery.

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Breast implants cost in Pakistan, Lahore

Breast implants cost in Pakistan, Lahore ranges from 3 lacs to 5 lacs depending upon type of implants takes into account type of implant used. Pair of imported implants cost around 2 lac 50 thousand rupees. Additional costs include surgeon fee, anaesthesia, operation theatre , private room stay charges. Overall cost around 2 lac 50 thousand.

We use FDA approved implants imported from US & other European countries with life time warranty. All implant sizes available.

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Breast Implants before & after results by dr Saleem

Breast implant surgery

Fat Transfer

Breast fat transfer is latest method of breast augmentation. Especially for those who don,t want  implants surgery. In this technique, fat is taken from rest of the body & transferred to breast. It gives near natural appearance. Breast enlargement cost with fat transfer is less than  implant surgery.

Breast fat transfer surgery cost

Breast fat transfer surgery cost in lahore, Pakistan ranges from 75 thousand to 1 lac 50 thousand per session.

Fat grafting is always done in sessions as 40 to 50% of fat is lost after 3 months.

Breast fat transfer

Non Surgical Breast Augmentation

If somebody wants breast enhancement without surgery? we have the answer. Now can be achieved without surgery. We use filler injections like macrolane. It is 20 to 25 minutes procedures. without pain & other side effects.

Breast enhancement with External Implants

Now enlargement can be mimicked by use of external implants. These are simply placed under braw to give enhanced & fuller appearance to breast. These Implants are made of silicon.

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Breast implants in Pakistan, Lahore
Breast implants in Pakistan, Lahore.
(silicon & Saline)
Breast augmentation in Pakistan, Lahore
Breast Augmentation in Pakistan, Lahore. *
Breast augmentation cost in Pakistan , Lahore
Breast Augmentation cost. *

*images intended for patients education only. same results not guaranteed in every patient.