PRP therapy / Hair fall Treatment

PRP therapy in Pakistan

Are you worried about hair loss? Now there is latest & effective treatment for hair loss available in Lahore Pakistan called PRP therapy *. PRP commonly known as hair regrowth injections. According to Gkini et al research study It can not only stop hair fall but also promote the strengthening of hair follicles & new hair regrowth *. Now PRP therapy in available at affordable price at our centre in Lahore Pakistan.

PRP therapy cost in Pakistan Lahore
PRP therapy in Lahore Pakistan *

What is PRP Therapy

PRP therapy stands for platelet rich plasma therapy. also called stem cell therapy.It is obtained from person blood.  blood is collected, then centrifuged & platelet rich plasma is separated. With activators it is injected into affected area like scalp, face or scars.

Use of PRP therapy/ Stem cell therapy

PRP therapy is most commonly used in Lahore Pakistan for hair fall treatment. It has been used for acne scars, face rejuvenation, tendon & ligament injuries, according to AAOS( american academy of orthopedics surgeons). Other common use is burn scars treatment. PRP therapy is also used with hair transplant to get better results.

Hair regrowth injections

PRP therapy for hair loss is also commonly termed as hair regrowth injections.

PRP therapy will cause

  1. stop hair loss
  2. Strengthening of hair
  3. promotion of new hair growth especially recent hair fall. *

Recent studies have shown its greater role in hair loss.

* Disclaimer (These are general sequence of events, not applicable in every patient)

PRP therapy cost in Lahore Pakistan

PRP therapy cost  in lahore, Pakistan ranges from 10 to 25 thousand per session. we offer discounted price of PRP at 10 thousand per session. PRP therapy or hair fall treatment is generally done in sessions. Want to know about hair transplant cost in Pakistan. 

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*Int J Trichology. 2015 Apr-Jun; 7(2): 54–63.

* disclaimer (images for patients educational purpose only, no guarantee of same results)

How many session of PRP required for hair loss?

PRP therapy treatment requires multiple sessions ranging from 3 to 8. Session are repeated every 2 to 4 weeks. After course of initial sessions Maintenance treatment required.

Maintenance PRP sessions after every are 4–6 months.

How PRP is prepared?

  1. Blood sample is taken . Usually 20 ml of blood is drawn and placed in centrifuge . And centrifuge is applied at different speeds to perform soft and hard spin. Purpose of centrifuge is to separate plasma from blood cells.

After centrifugation blood three layers are formed:

  • Top layer is platelet poor plasma
  • Intermediate layer is platelet rich plasma
  • Bottom layer is blood cells

2. Rich plasma is collected and depending upon density activator may be required. a

3. And Scalp donor area is numbed with local anaesthesia so that patient doesnt feel pain during the process.

4. Now collected Plasma is injected into scalp at level of hair follicles.

PRP therapy in Lahore Pakistan
PRP process

Side Effects of PRP

PRP therapy is generally safe procedure as it involves taken one’s own blood. So no risk of allergic reaction.

However since this process involves injections into scalp, so it should be performed by trained doctor to avoid infection or damage underlying veins or nerves.

This is a specialized procedure so should be performed by trained doctor.

About The Doctor

In our centre PRP therapy is performed by Doctor Saleem, Who is qualified consultant plastic, Cosmetic surgeon.

Recovery from PRP

You can resume your daily activities right after after having a session.There is no down time. Overall process can take from 30 to 50 minutes.

Contraindications of Therapy

Few people might not be benefited from this therapy. or avoid this therapy in

  1. Completely bald
  2. acute or chronic infections
    Skin diseases
    low platelets
  3. Taking blood thinners
  4. Cancer
  5. Alcohol abuse
  6. Heavy smokers

Supplemental medications

Additional hair fall prevention medications may be prescribed with this therapy. These include multivitamins, minoxidil spray and shampoo etc.

PRP Uses

  1. Hair fall reduction or stop hair loss
  2. Improving hair density
  3. Regrowth of recently fallen hair
  4. Acne scar treatment
  5. Face rejuvenation
  6. Burn scarring
  7. Melasma or Hyperpigmentation
  8. Osteoarthritis of knee or shoulder
  9. Tendinitis
  10. Non healing wounds


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