PRP therapy / Hair fall Treatment

PRP therapy / Hair fall treatment

Are you worried about hair loss? Now there is latest & effective treatment for hair loss available in Lahore Pakistan called PRP therapy *. PRP commonly known as hair regrowth injections. According to Gkini et al research study It can not only stop hair fall but also promote the strengthening of hair follicles & new hair regrowth *. Now PRP therapy in available at affordable price at our centre in Lahore Pakistan.

PRP therapy cost in Pakistan Lahore
PRP therapy in Pakistan *

What is PRP Therapy

PRP therapy stands for platelet rich plasma therapy. also called stem cell therapy.It is obtained from person blood.  blood is collected, then centrifuged & platelet rich plasma is separated. With activators it is injected into affected area like scalp, face or scars.

Use of PRP therapy/ Stem cell therapy

PRP therapy is most commonly used in Lahore Pakistan for hair fall treatment. It has been used for acne scars, face rejuvenation, tendon & ligament injuries, according to AAOS( american academy of orthopedics surgeons). Other common use is burn scars treatment. PRP therapy is also used with hair transplant to get better results.

Hair regrowth injections

PRP therapy for hair loss is also commonly termed as hair regrowth injections.

PRP therapy will cause

  1. stop hair loss
  2. Strengthening of hair
  3. promotion of new hair growth especially recent hair fall. *

* Disclaimer (These are general sequence of events, not applicable in every patient)

PRP hair fall treatment cost in Lahore Pakistan

PRP therapy cost around 15 to 25 thousand in lahore, Pakistan per session. we offer discounted rate of 10 thousand per session. PRP therapy is generally done in sessions. Want to know about hair transplant cost in Pakistan.

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