Skin Plastic Surgery

Skin provides the external coverage of body. It is exposed to environment which can have its adverse effects. Problems of skin in early age include acne , acne pores & scars, congenital nevi & patches*. Middle age problems include need for skin rejuvenation & resurfacing with lasers, dermabrasion & micro needling therapy including dermapen & dermarollar*. Old age conditions include wrinkles & skin cancer occurs frequently *. Skin care is essential to prevent these problems. And certain plastic & cosmetic surgery procedures can alleviate these skin conditions in most patients.

Acne scar treatment in Lahore Pakistan
Acne scars – Skin cosmetic surgery

Skin Cosmetic surgery procedures

Following skin plastic & cosmetic procedures are offered by us.

  1. Acne treatment including acne pores , acne scars treatment.
  2.  Congenital nevus including dark patches over skin
  3. Skin cancer treatment including BCC (basal cell cancer) & SCC( squamous cell cancer).
  4. Skin pigmentation treatment including fairness creams& pills, Skin whitening injections.
  5. Skin rejuvenation & skin resurfacing for dull skin
  6. Skin warts treatment with medications, cryotherapy, electrocautry & surgery.
  7.  Excessive sweating treatment
  8. Skin wrinkles treatment
  9. Skin Tightening
  10. Keloid treatment including ear keloid & other areas.
  11. skin moles removal  treatment
  12. Birthmarks removal like port wine stains

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