Brazilian butt lift

Brazilian butt lift in Pakistan

Brazilian butt lift in lahore, Pakistan at low cost. This surgery is used for enhancement of butt with fat transfer. Fat is transferred from other parts of body to buttock. So it serves two purposes

a) Butt augmentation or Butt lift.

b) Body conturing of waist, hips & thighs.

This surgery involves liposuction of areas like belly or thighs. Procedure takes 3 hours. Usually one day hospital stay required.



Brazilian butt lift cost in Pakistan/BBL cost in lahore

Brazilian butt lift cost in Pakistan, Lahore ranges from 1 lac 50 thousand to 2 lac 50 thousand depending upon fat amount of fat transfer needed. we offer BBL surgery at discounted Pakistan. Butt lift surgery price is include anaesthesia, hospital , operation theatre charges.

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Butt enhancement with implants

Alternative option of buttock enhancement with butt implants. Butt implants are placed beneath muscles to give it desired look. Surgery takes 2 hours. Buttock augmentation cost in pakistan, Lahore.

Brazilian butt lift cost in Lahore, Pakistan
Brazilian butt lift in Lahore, Pakistan

Side Effects of BBL

Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. It has recovery period of three weeks. Surgery is usually performed in sessions. In one sessions 60 to 65 % of transferred fat survives. 2nd session may be required after 6 months. Main side effects include pain & swelling during initial phase. Person have to lie on abdomen for initial period.  Serious side effect include fat embolism.

Appointment for BBL surgery

Brazilian butt lift surgery is performed by dr Muhammad Saleem, Consultant plastic and cosmetic surgeon. To book appointment for BBL surgery or fat transfer surgery in Lahore, Pakistan.

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Brazilian butt lift cost

Brazilian butt cost cost varies from 5000 to 12000$ in world.

we offer BBL at cost 1000 to 2000$.

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