Liposuction In Lahore, Pakistan

Liposuction in Lahore, Pakistan at best price by qualified consultant plastic cosmetic surgeon. It effective way of fat removal from various body parts. It is indicated for removal of fat which cannot be removed through diet or exercise.* Main purpose  is to reshape the body & improve contours.* Liposuction cost  varies depending upon weight & body region. A person with more weight & fat , surgery will take a longer time to remove excess fat & hence overall lipo cost is increased.

What is liposuction

This process involves the introduction of fine cannula through a small one to two milli meter incision. Cannula is inserted into plane of fat. between skin & muscle. Then solution is infiltrated containing local anaesthetic & haemostatic agent, Purpose of local anaesthetic to numb that area. And Haemostatic agent prevents bleeding during whole process. This fluid tends to liquefy fat. Fat is then removed by connecting cannula to suction machine.

* This apply to people suffering from large fat deposits.

What is liposuction
Liposuction mechanism

Liposuction cost

Liposuction cost in UK averages around 2000 to 6000 pounds according to NHS statistics. Similarly in Dubai , cost of liposuction average around 4000 AED. while in Liposuction cost in Pakistan, Lahore average around 85 thousand to 2 lac rupee.
Costs vary throughout world depending upon experience , expertise of surgeon & geographic location.

Average cost of liposuction for tummy front ranges from 3000 to 5000$,

love handles 1000$, double chin 1500$.

We offer discounted package from overseas travellers for liposuction front tummy 850$, love handles 350$, double chin 350$.

Arm lipo cost 400 to 600 $, chest 600$, thighs 800$.

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Liposuction Cost in Pakistan, Lahore

Liposuction cost in Pakistan, Lahore is much less than weight loss procedures. We offer Tummy front lipo cost from 75 thousand to 1 lac (Local Anaesthesia). Love handles liposuction cost 45 to 65 thousand. Double chin treatment around 40 to 50 thousands. Arms lipo treatment around 45 to 60 thousands. Love handles around 40 to 60 thousands. Thigh area around 1 lac. We offer cheaper price packages including anaesthesia, Hospital , theatre charges, Room stay & Surgeon fee.

Detailed costs of lipo  & comparison with other centres.  Free consultation about liposuction cost in Pakistan, Lahore.

Check results of liposuction surgery in lahore by dr Saleem

Belly liposuction cost in lahore, Pakistan

Belly Liposuction cost In Pakistan range from 75 thousand to 1lac 50 thousand depending upon body weight & waist size. Discounted offers can be given after clinical examination. Usually around 3 to 10 liters of fat can be harvested from abdomen or belly depending upon individual body fats.

Tummy lipo surgery before & after pictures

Side Effects, Risks

It is generally safe procedure if performed by properly trained & Certified Plastic surgeon.

General side effects include.

  1. Seroma collection of fluid.
  2. Haematoma collection of blood.
  3. Asymmetry or irregularities.

These complications can easily managed & occur in less than 5% of patients.

Body regions

  1. Stomach or belly or tummy lipo sculpture
    Liposuction in Pakistan
    Tummy lipo sculpture *


    Liposculpture in Lahore Pakistan

  2. Love handles or flank
  3. Hips
  4. Back
    Liposuction cost in Lahore
    Body contouring back/ Buttock/ Love Handles *
  5. Buttock
  6. thighs
  7. arm
  8. Neck
    Liposuction in lahore
    *Double chin treatment/ chin lipo *images intended for patients education only. same results not guaranteed in every patient.


    Doube chin removal in Pakistan

  9. chest
Chest liposuction before & after
Chest Liposuction
  1. cheek or buccal fat pad removal


Lipo of few body areas can be done in local anaesthesia with only numbing that body part. Under local anaesthesia , quick recovery is expected & patients can go home after surgery. If more Than one region or large amount of fat is to be removed then general anaesthesia has to be given.

Weight loss

Main aim of this procedure not to loose weight but to decrease the size of body like tummy or waist in inches. However due to fat removal , some weight loss is expected. Get to know about latest methods of weigh loss .weight loss methods


Immediately after surgery , compression garment is worn by patients for minimum of 3 weeks. Compression garment reduces swelling, edema & promotes quick recovery*. Final result in may take from 3 to 6 months.

*Sports Med. 2011 Oct 1;41(10):815-43


Recovery can takes few weeks after surgery. After local anaesthesia , No hospital stay is generally required.

While under General Anaesthesia , around 5 to 6 hours average stay in hospital required.


Most common is Tumescent  techniques as regards of safety by recent scientific evidence. Other types include Laser liposuction, ultrasonic or smart lipo. As these techniques can cause burn to body area*.

*Recent laser liposuction burns review.

About The Surgeon

Surgery is performed by Dr Muhammad Saleem, certified Consultant Plastic  & cosmetic surgeon. Who has vast experience in performing cosmetic surgeries with best results.

Before & After photos


Tummy liposuction in Pakistan

Tummy Liposuction price

Liposuction cost in Pakistan (before & after tummy lipo)

Double chin removal before & after

Neck liposuction
Neck liposuction


Double chin liposuction
*Neck lipo before & after       *images intended for patients education only. same results not guaranteed in every patient.

Neck Lipo by dr Saleem , best  surgeon in lahore, Pakistan.


Liposuction results video by doctor Saleem ( Best liposuction Surgeon)

Difference between liposuction & body contouring ?

Body contouring surgery is use of liposuction and fat transfer to various body ares to achieve natural pleasing results. Commonly known as BBL ( Brazilian butt lift), Mommy make over or Tummy tuck.

What is microliposuction?

Microliposuction is meant for liposuction of small and delicate areas of face and chin with small, fine cannulas. with microliposuction double chin or V shape line of jaw is achieved.

Are there any special body areas for fat deposits?


These are Buffalos hump ( fat collection on back of neck)

Saddle bags ( fat deposit on outer sides of thighs).

both can treated with liposuction with good results

Can cellulite be treated with liposuction

Cellulite or skin dimples occur due to looseness of various ligaments . so even after liposuction, minimal improvement is expected.

Can weight be gained after liposuction?

With liposuction, it is important to maintain body weight. If someone eats more more than weight will increase. However fat deposit on liposuctioned area will be less. Because after liposuction fat cell count or number is permanently reduced.

How much time liposuction of different body areas take?

Liposuction surgery time varies according to body surface area and weight. Higher the weight more time it is going to take. Generally tummy lipo takes 2 hours. Hips, thighs or chest may take one hour.

Is liposuction painful?

No. Liposuction shouldn’t be painful because of special numbing fluid is used. Which keeps area numb even after liposuction surgery.

What is difference between liposuction & Tummy tuck?

Liposuction is surgery to remove local fat deposits from chest, arms, belly, double chin or thighs.

While tummy tuck is removal of excess loose skin, muscle tightening of lower belly. Indicated in females after multiple children, or who have lost weight.

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*images intended for patients education only. same results not guaranteed in every patient.