Face Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan, Lahore

Face is feature of central importance. Face Cosmetic surgery (Face Plastic Surgery Pakistan) is meant to  improves the abnormalities & give better look.

Face cosmetic surgery pakistan
Face Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan *

Non Surgical Treatments Face

Following Face cosmetic non surgical procedures offered by us.

  • Wrinkles treatment

Wrinkles are off different type.  Forehead or glabella wrinkles are treated with injections While Crow feet are also treated in similar manner.

  • Chin Augmentation with filler or chin implants. We commonly employ fat grafting for this purpose as it has minimum side effects with longer durability.
  • Cheek augmentation with fat graft or filler. Usually volume of cheek may require range from 10 ml to 80 ml.
  • Face Rejuvenation with dermabrasion, microdermabrasion. Face rejuvenation tends to freshen up skin. and give it youthful appearance.
  • Acne scar treatment with dermarollar, laser, dermapen, dermabrasion,  fat graft.
  • Dark circle treatment. dark circles develop due to hyperpigmentation or loss of fat. So under filler is comonly used. other option i fat transfer.
  • Eyelid bags treatment need surgical treatment like blephroplasty
  • Skin whitening treatments also offered. skin whitening or glutathione injection with pills .
  • Scar removal through cosmetic surgery and creams.

Face Cosmetic surgery Pakistan

    • Rhinoplasty (nose job) for treatment of crooked noses or those suffering from difficulty in breathing. We do all types of cosmetic rhinoplasty including use of rib and silicon implants for saddle nose deformity.
    • Eyelid Surgery for eyelid bags
    • Eye Dark Circle with fat graft surgery
    • Brow Lift . It can achived through many ways like use of threads
    • Chin Implant
    • Cheek Implants
    • Dimple Creation
    • Lip Reduction
    • Mole

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