Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty / Non Surgical Nose job

Are u afraid of undergoing Rhinoplasty surgery? Then there is solution for u. Non surgical rhinoplasty is correction of nose deformities without surgery. Non surgical nose job is quick & effective procedure which takes around 15 minutes on average in most circumstances.


Non surgical rhinoplasty procedure is performed with filler or fat graft. It has quick recovery time. It is suitable for patients who have minor deformities of nose*. Results  can be temporary or permanent depending upon type of filler used.

Non surgical nose job cost in Pakistan
Nose job *

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty cost In Pakistan, Lahore

Non surgical rhinoplasty cost in Pakistan Lahore ranges from 15 thousand to 35 thousand rupee

depending on type & quantity of filler. And type of result u want.

Duration if results vary with results

Non surgical rhinoplasty in lahore pakistan
Non surgical rhinoplasty with filler

Average cost internationally around 700 $  according to realself statistics. While we offer non surgical nose job starting from 15 thousand.

If u want rhinoplasty surgery, check details here. 

Non surgical Rhinoplasty by Dr Saleem plastic surgeon

Nose Tip lift without surgery

Long nose or droopy nose tip can also be corrected without surgery in certain cases. we use injection to lift the tip of nose.

average cost of non surgical nose tip lift around 15 thousand.

Side Effects

Non surgical nose job is a very safe procedure with very few side effects generally. Redness & swelling can occur for few days.

Non surgical nose job Before & After photos

Non surgical nose job
non surgical nose job before & after
Non surgical Rhinoplasty in Pakistan, Lahore
Non surgical rhinoplasty before & after
liquid rhinoplasty
liquid rhinoplasty
Non surgical rhinoplasty in Lahore
Rhinoplasty before & after *


Non surgical nose job is performed by Dr Saleem, Consultant plastic surgeon.

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