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Dr Saleem-Best Plastic Surgeon in Pakistan

Dr Saleem, best Plastic surgeon in Pakistan, Lahore. He is in 10th year of practice in Plastic, Cosmetic, Aesthetic & reconstructive surgeries. He is College of Physician & Surgeons (CPSP) certified Plastic Surgeon, performs these surgeries to get perfect body shape for males & females. His  goal is to achieve an appearance which natural , Aesthetic & pleasing at affordable cost.* Finally it should not be apparent  that you have had cosmetic surgery.* Read more about Doctor Saleem Plastic surgeon…

*Results may vary in individuals.

Plastic Surgery Prices in Pakistan

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plastic surgery in Pakistan
Plastic & cosmetic surgery in Lahore, Pakistan

Plastic Surgeon Consultation

Each patient is examined during detailed consultation. And  complete information is given  during consultation with dr Saleem. Discussion is done regarding preparation of procedure details including duration of procedure. Type of anaesthesia administered & recovery period is planned. Before & after pictures, results are shown. And side effects, complications & realistic expectations from cosmetic surgeries.

Plastic surgery Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Pakistan in the field of plastic & cosmetic surgery is rapidly progressing due to improvement in overall safety in last few years. All overseas patients are properly consulted, booked online. And procedures are done keeping in mind standard of care & safety.We maintain patients trust , confidence & privacy.

Special discount Packages for International Travelers are offered. These packages are many times cheaper in cost at our centre,  in comparison with western countries like UK, USA or Dubai *. And get treated by best plastic surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan. To determine the expenses, average estimates & prices comparison , Cost of best Cosmetic Surgeries in Lahore Pakistan & plan ahead before travelling.  For cost comparison.

Get quote of your desired cosmetic surgery, from best cosmetic surgeon in Lahore  for free. * prices  from American Association of Plastic Surgeons.

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Body contouring  surgery

He performs cosmetic surgical & body reshaping procedures like  liposuction , tummy tuck, belt lipectomy, lower body lift, arm lift, thigh or Brazilian butt lift to get best body contouring. Weight loss treatments with  gastric balloon available. Mommy maker procedures including breast reduction , body lift.Check & compare cost of body reshaping procedures. like liposuction cost  or get detailed Detailed plastic surgery package.

Best plastic surgeon in Pakistan, Lahore
Body Contouring surgery

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Face aesthetic procedures  Rhinoplasty,  facelift,  Blephroplasty, Brow lift performed at economical cost. Ear reshaping or otoplasty also offered. Other face procedures like dark circle removal, Dimple creation, and fat grafting also done.

Face surgery in Lahore
Face Cosmetic surgery in Lahore Pakistan *

*Results may vary in different individuals

Breast Cosmetic Surgeries

Breast reshaping surgeries including breast augmentation with breast implants , fat transfer are done. Breast reduction,Breast lift , Gynaecomastia, at affordable & cheap costs. Breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients with modern aesthetic  techniques. Check prices of breast augmentation in Pakistan, breast implant cost. To know about breast lift or reduction.Ask about detailed cosmetic surgery price package.

Breast augmentation surgery in Lahore
Breast Plastic , cosmetic surgery in Lahore, Pakistan

Hair Restoration Surgery

Best hair transplant in Pakistan, Lahore at extremely discounted rates. FUT only 35 rupee per graft & FUE 45 rupee per graft, performed by  best Cosmetic surgeon in Lahore.  Price of hair transplant , Get discounted hair transplant price package.

Additionally hair loss treatments offered

Hair restoration surgery
*Hair Transplant in Pakistan

* Images are only patients education. Same results cannot be guaranteed in every patient.

 Reconstructive Surgeries

Reconstructive surgeries include congenital abnormalities cleft lip & palate, nevus, vascular malformations. Cancer treatment including  skin, Hand, face & Breast reconstruction. Traumatic nerve & tendon injuries, keloids, facial palsy, cleft lip & palate, burn scars. Aging problems like Eye brow, eyelid ptosis, wrinkles.Learn more about scars treatment and other reconstructive surgeries.

Non Surgical  Procedures

Non surgical procedures For facial rejuvenation include wrinkles, Acne scar treatments, Laser  therapy, Dermabrasion , Microdermabrasion, Microneedling therapy.  Mesotherapy, skin Whitening injections, non surgical rhinoplasty, hair regrowth injections, fat reduction injections at best prices .  ask now Cost of procedures , or  cosmetic surgery price  get detail price pacakge by cosmetic surgeon. Nose reshaping also possible by non surgical type

Cleft surgeries

Cleft lip & Palate incidence is quite high in Pakistan especially due to consanguineous marriages.Such children require multiple surgeries at various stages of their life. We offer cleft lip, palate & nose surgeries at affordable cost. For details about cleft Lip & palate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide treatment which is safe, Effective & produce natural results. Each patient procedure confidentiality is maintained. His credibility proof is treatment of many overseas patients traveling especially from UAE, UK, USA & Saudi Arabia.

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Get  online consultation with dr Muhammad Saleem, best plastic surgeon in Pakistan, Lahore.**Gender dysphoria surgeries not done here as per shariat court regulations may 23.

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