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Hair Loss treatments in Lahore Pakistan

Multiple hair loss treatments are available in markets like oils, herbal treatments etc but 95% of them are rarely effective according to scientific evidence. Hair loss is stressful problem for both men & women across all ages.Early stages of hair loss non surgical methods like hair regrowth injections may be  useful.but later stage Hair Transplant is required.

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Hair Loss in Men/ Hair fall 

In men hair loss can start as early as teenage years. Most commonly occur due to genetic factors as well as hormonal. Other causes could be due to environmental factors like dust, pollution.

Hair loss in Women/ Female hair fall

Hair loss causes are different in females. Hair loss can occur due to chronic illness, malnutrition, stress.

Types of hair loss treatments

Hair loss can be treated with non-surgical & surgical methods.

Non-Surgical methods

Medications for hair regrowth.
Supplements, Shampoos

Latest methods for treatment of hair fall

Hair regrowth injections

is recent method for hair regrowth in both males & females. It is done in multiple sessions. One monthly interval session is required.Exact mechanism is under trial.

Cost of hair regrowth injections

Hair regrowth injections cost has three parts
1. Procedure fee
2. Equipment or kit cost
3. Laboratory charges

Mesotherapy for hair loss

Mesotherapy contains  growth factors, hormones & enzymes. It promotes growth of hair follicles & causes hair regrowth but it is still under trial.

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