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Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Travelling for plastic surgery is becoming quite common now a days due to high costs of cosmetic surgery in Europe & USA. Now increasingly patients are visiting Pakistan to get their surgery done at very low prices. It is part of medical tourism  of plastic & cosmetic surgery in lahore, Pakistan.

Dr Saleem, Consultant Plastic surgeon, best in Pakistan offers special plastic surgery packages to patients, who travel from abroad. He is based in Lahore, Pakistan , which is rich in tradition & safe to travel. Lahore has population of around 15 million. For these patients special arrangements for stay available.

Best Plastic surgery Packages

Most of these patients travel to get multiple cosmetic surgeries in single stage like mommy makeover or Post bariatric surgery cases or massive weight loss. For them cheap cosmetic surgery packages are available.

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Overseas plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery Procedures & Prices

Compare & check prices in Lahore Pakistan

1. Rhinoplasty Package in Pakistan, Lahore

Cost of Rhinoplasty or nose job in different countries vary from 4500 to 12000$. We offer complete package of rhinoplasty with Anaesthesia fees, surgical cost, operation theatre charges, hospital stay , Private room 1000 to 2500 $.

2. Tummy Tuck surgery cost      

Average cost of tummy tuck in Europe, USA around 8000 to 15000 US $. We offer complete Tummy Tuck package  may cost around 1500  $ to 2500 $.

Mini abdominoplasty cost around 1000$.

3. Breast Implants surgery Cost in Pakistan Lahore

Cost overseas around 4000 to 12000 US $. while we offer complete breast augmentation cosmetic surgery  package with implants or fat transfer at 2000 to 2500 $. 

4. Facelift cost in Pakistan, Lahore

Abroad 7000 $ . Full facelift at our centre  1000  to 2000 $. To read more about facelift surgery.

Mini facelift cost 750$.

5. Liposuction

Tummy liposuction Elsewhere cost 2500 to 7000 $.  We offer Liposuction at discounted packages.

Tummy front, love handles liposuction package 800  to 1500$ depending upon body weight.

Double chin fat removal or jawline liposuction cost 350 to 650 $ at our centre.

Arms liposuction at 400 to 750$, Thighs liposuction from 650 to 1000$. Chest liposuction at 500 to 750$.

Tummy, chest & love handles package at 1000 to 1500 $.

liposuction 360 cost at 1500 to 2500 $.

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similar cheap cosmetic surgery packages of liposuction of Arms, thighs , legs, neck, double chin.

6.Hair Transplant in Pakistan, Lahore

Hair Transplant cost in UK or Dubai,  USA cost around 3500 to 30000 US $ for 3500 grafts.

Our centre in Lahore Pakistan , Hair transplant cost around 850 to 1500$ for 3500 grafts,

FUT price 0.4 $ per graft , FUE price 0.5 S$ per grafts

7. Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

Best Gynecomastia surgeon performs man boob surgery at discounted package of 850 to 1500$. WhatsApp now +923445202650

8. Weight loss treatment Pakistan, Lahore

Gastric Balloon cost in US around 8000 $.

Complete package , we offer gastric balloon in 1500 $ to 2500 $.

9. Post Briatric plastic Surgery

Procedures needed after massive weight loss or bariatric surgery include Tummy tuck or belt lipectomy or lower body lift, Breast reduction , breast lift, arm lift, thigh lift, Butt lift.

Economical packages for these surgeries are available to combine multiple surgeries  .

For example tummy tuck , breast lift, arm lift  combined may cost only 3000 to 4000 US $. While in Europe or USA may cost around 30000 $.

Breast Lift/ Breast reduction cost

Breast lift or breast reduction cost in UK around average 5500 to 8000 $.
We offer mastopexy at 1500 to 2500 $

Abdominoplasty with love handles liposuction cost 1500 to 3000 $.

facelift in Pakistan

Other Plastic Surgical Procedures in Pakistan, Lahore

Brow lift, lip reduction, neck lift, otoplasty , buccal fat removal, chin implants, fat graft ,body lifts, Facial palsy, Head & neck cancers, Skin cancer surgeries are also available at low cost.

Brow lift price 500 to 750 $.

Lip Reduction cost in Pakistan, Lahore is  500 to 750 $.

Lip Augmentation  cost 200 to 500 $.

We offer Otoplasty or ear reshaping price 700 to 1200 $.

Fat graft  price ( micro fat graft , Nano fat graft) for face or dark circles 350 to 600 $.

Brazilian butt lift cost 1250 -2000 $.

Blephroplasty or eyelid bag removal  650  to 1000 $.

Dimple creation 300to 500 $

Non Surgical cosmetic Procedures cost

Facial rejuvenation, dermabrasion, micro needling, Laser treatment, Injection Fillers, non surgical rhinoplasty, skin whitening injections, Keloid treatments available at affordable price.

Injection treatment for crow feet , forehead wrinkles & other areas cost 175 to 250

Dermal Filler cost 175 to 250 $.

Dermabrasion session only in 150 $.

Skin treatments cost  ( Hair loss, acne scar, Hair regrowth injections ) session 150$.

Laser therapy session cost 100 to 150 $

Non surgical nose job/ Rhinoplasty 250 to 500 $.

Acne scar treatment dermarollar , microneedling session 100 to 150 $.

Skin whitening injection( injection Glutathione) cost 45 to 125 $

Best plastic surgery packages abroa
Best overseas plastic surgery

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*prices quoted on average taken from american society of plastic surgeons.