Buccal Fat Pad Removal

Buccal fat removal surgery in Pakistan, Lahore for getting slimmer cheeks & face. Buccal fat pad removal cost is affordable now .

Buccal fat removal cost

Buccal fat removal cost ranges from 1000 to 3000 $ in world.

in our centre we offer at 500$ at discounted price.

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Buccal Fat pad Removal cost in Pakistan, lahore

Buccal fat pad removal cost in Pakistan, Lahore ranges from 45 to 75 thousand rupees.

Surgery is performed by doctor Saleem plastic & cosmetic surgeon.

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V shaping of face

Currently V shaping of face is getting lot of popularity in public & media.
Aim of V shaping is to give face a youthful appearance.

It is achieved with combination of procedures

  1. Fillers for chin & jawline
  2. Double chin liposuction
  3. Reduction of square face to V face.
V shaping of face

V shaping face cost in Pakistan

V shaping face treatment cost in Pakistan ranges from 45 to 95 thousand depending upon treatment modality used.

Doctor Saleem in an expert plastic surgeon in doing these treatments.

V shaping before & after video

V shaping face video

Buccal fat removal surgery

This surgery is performed under local anaesthesia by only numbing the inner side of cheeks.

Procedure takes around 30 minutes. No hospital stay is required after surgery.

You can daily daily routine work after 48 hours.

In this surgery a small 3 to 5mm incision is made inside the mouth & buccal fat pad is recognised. And then gradually removed.

Some people use term for face liposuction but instead it is a different procedure.

Before & After

This surgery main aim is to get slim face appearance.

So you may call it get rid of chubby faces.

Buccal fat pad removal surgery in Pakistan
Buccal fat pad removal before & after
Buccal fat removal cost in Lahore  Pakistan
Buccal fat removal in Lahore, Pakistan
Buccal fat pad removal surgery video

Are there any side effects of buccal fat removal?

Buccal fat removal is generally a safe procedure in hands of qualified Plastic surgeon.

  1. Swelling of face for few days
  2. Bruising
  3. parotid duct injury which is rare
  4. Facial nerve branches injury

in order to avoid these, choose your plastic surgeon carefully.

Doctor Saleem routinely performs this surgery with meticulous technique & better results.

Face liposuction

Face liposuction is generally alternative term for buccal fat pad removal.

For more about liposuction ,Liposuction of different body parts.

This surgery is generally performed with other surgeries of face & neck to give overall better appearance .

  1. Double chin liposuction or jaw line liposuction give nice appearance to jaw line or V shape to face. Double chin removal
  2. Masseter reduction with injection gives smaller appearance to wide face.


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