How to loose weight

Weight loss  Treatments

Everybody want a lean & beautiful body shape. Multiple weight loss treatments available. Most of people resort to different methods for weight loss starting from dieting to exercise. But to maintain & loose weight requires lot of motivation & effort.

Gastric balloon for weight loss
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Weight loss with Exercise

Weight loss with gastric balloon
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This proves to be most difficult method especially for some individuals.

Weight loss treatments in Lahore , Pakistan

Multiple options include weght loss surgeries & gastric balloon methods are employed.

 Weight loss surgeries

Gastric sleeve, Gastric Bands, gastric bypass are methods for massive weight loss through surgery. Each of these methods Are performed through laproscopy.

These have certain side effects.

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Briatric surgery in Pakistan
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Weight loss with Gastric Balloon

Gastric balloon is the least invasive option for weight loss. on average 25 to 30 kg weight loss can occur in 6 months. Gastric balloon surgery or treatment options takes only 25 minutes. to know more details about gastric balloon procedure. check gastric balloon.

Weight loss with liposuction

Liposuction is essentially a body reshaping procedure. It is not meant for weight loss. However after multiple body areas liposuction , upto 10kg weight reduction may be possible. To know about more liposuction process.

Post weight loss plastic Surgery

After massive loss , body undergoes several changes

  • loose tummy
  • Folds in arms
  • Excess skin of thighs
  • back rolls
  • Breast ptosis
  • Weight loss problems
    Body changes with massive weight loss

Cosmetic Surgery After Weight Loss

Following surgeries required after massive weight loss

  1. Tummy Tuck or abdominoplasty
  2. Body lift or belt lipectomy 3.
  3. Breast lift
  4. thigh lift
  5. Arm lift
  6. Tummy tuck pakistan
    Tummy tuck before & After

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