Face Plastic Surgery

A youthful or beautiful face everybody wants. They resort to get it with different options. Some choose non surgical. Some go for plastic surgery options. We offer all range of cosmetic & plastic surgery procedures in Lahore, Pakistan.

Face treatments are unique in a sense it gives you expressions & identity. So everyone wants a pleasant change.

Face Plastic surgery in Lahore, Pakistan

Face plastic & cosmetic treatments full range available depending upon individual needs.

Face Cosmetic treatments in Lahore, Pakistan
Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Fat Grafting surgery of Face

Fat grafting is one of modern way of treating volume depleted faces and giving youthful appearance to face. Fat transfer surgery can help in dark circles removal, wrinkles treatment, chin and cheek augmentation. Lipofilling has also been used successfully for breast enhancement, depressed scars & lip augmentation.

Want to know more about fat transfer application. Check Fat transfer surgeries by Doctor Saleem.

Best face plastic surgery in Lhaore, Pakistan by Doctor Saleem
Fat graft surgery by Doctor Saleem Plastic Surgeon

Lipofilling Procedure

Fat grafting surgery for face is performed under local anaesthesia. It takes around 40 to 60 minutes. Mild sedation may be needed in anxious patients. Steps of fat grafting surgery include

  1. Liposuction to collect fat from donor area like belly or thighs etc.
  2. Purification of fat by removing excess oil & liquid
  3. Anaerobic transfer of fat to syringes
  4. Injecting fat with fine blunt cannulas

Side Effects of fat grafting Surgery

  1. Swelling of donor and recipient area.
  2. Bruising for face for days.
  3. Numbness
  4. Infection

Fat Grafting Surgery Cost In Lahore, Pakistan

Fat grafting surgery cost in Lahore, Pakistan ranges from 45 to 85 thousand depending upon abnormalities in face. Dr Saleem is an expert surgeon in Fat graft or lipofilling surgery in Pakistan.

To book an appointment contact now +923445203650 Whatsapp, IMO.

Lip Reduction Surgery

Lips are central to features of face. Asymmetries in size and shape of lips can be very noticeable. Increase size of lips can cause excessive dryness of lips & crusting. This can be treated with lip reduction surgery.


Lip reduction surgery takes 30 to 45 minutes. Performed under local anaesthesia. Before surgery marking is done. Absorbable stitches are used.

After Surgery Care

Following surgery swelling can occur. Recovery may take around 5 days. Initially liquid or soft diet is advocated for few days. Final results may take 3 to 6 months.

Lip reduction surgery cost in Lahore, Pakistan
Lip reduction surgery in Lahore, Pakistan

Side Effects

Lip reduction surgery can lead to

  1. Swelling of lips
  2. Bruising
  3. Bleeding
  4. Infection

Lip reduction surgery cost in Lahore, Pakistan

Lip reduction surgery cost in Lahore, Pakistan varies from 35 to 85 thousand rupees. To Get appointment Contact +923445203650 Whatsapp, IMO.

Double Chin Removal

Double chin removal is done with neck or chin fat removal through liposuction. It is short procedure with short down time & quick recovery. It can achieve a sharp jaw line.

It is 30 minutes procedure under local anesthesia. Immediately after procedure dressing is applied for 5 to 7 days.

Want to know about liposuction?

How liposuction works?

Double chin removal cost in Lahore, Pakistan
Double Chin Liposuction in Lahore, Pakistan By Doctor Saleem

Side Effects of Neck or chin liposuction

Neck or Jaw liposuctions can lead to swelling, bruising & numbness for short period time*. Difficulty in eating & speech may occur. To avoid these side effects surgery should always be performed by expert plastic surgeon.


Cost of Double chin removal in Lahore, Pakistan

Double chin removal cost in Lahore, Pakistan ranges from 40 to 85 thousand in Lahore, Pakistan. To get chin lipo from doctor Saleem. Contact +923445203650 Whatsapp, IMO. Lip reduction cost

Scar Removal

Scars can be revised or removed depending upon their location on face or body. Sometime keloid or hypertrophic scars can occur on ear lobe or chest. Especially post trauma scars, or burn scars.

Before treatment each scar is evaluated carefully & plan is made. Some scars cannot be removed but can be revised. Few scars need plastic surgical modification and long term scar creams management.

Scar removal treatment In Lahore, Pakistan
Scar Removal*
*These images are patient education only. Similar results are not guaranteed in every patient

Scar removal cost In Pakistan

Scar Removal cost varies according to scars and treatment type chosen. To find cost of scar treatment contact by whatsapp pictures +923445203650.

Dimple Creation Surgery In Pakistan

Dimples on cheek considered traditionally a sign of beauty. Some people have naturally occurring dimples over cheek when they smile or laugh. Dimple is due to congenital defect in muscle of cheek.This occurs due to bifid or duplicated zygomaticus major muscle inserting into dermis.*


Since it looks attractive, people are increasingly looking for surgery to create dimples.

Principles of Dimple surgery

This surgery is performed in local anaesthesia. 30 Minutes procedure. Basic principle behind Dimple creation lies in attachment of cheek muscles with deeper layer of skin. So upon animation, dimple appears. Recovery from procedure may take 3 to 5 days. Final results of dimple creation take around 3 months. Initially dimple remains persistent in 2 to 3 weeks then appears only upon smiling.

Dimple creation cost in Lahore, Pakistan
Dimple Creation in Lahore, Pakistan by Doctor Saleem

Side Effects

Dimple creation surgery should always be done from board certified plastic surgeon because of inherent risks associated with this surgery.

  1. Facial nerve damage can occur which can lead to paralysis on side of afce or asymmetrical smile
  2. Parotid duct injury results in saliva leakage
  3. Infection inside mouth
  4. Swelling

Dimple creation cost in Lahore, Pakistan

Dimple creation cost in Lahore, Pakistan around 35 to 75 thousand. We offer dimple surgery in lahore at affordable price. To get this surgery done, contact +923445203650 Whatsapp.

Buccal Fat Pad Removal

Do you have chubby cheeks?

Or a round Face apearance?

Then there is procedure to enhance facial features and slimmer look. Commonly called as buccal fat pad removal or partial buccal lipectomy. Mostly people complains of large face and want to make it smaller. Or want V shaped face or jaw.

Buccal fat pad surgery

This is office procedure through numbing face. Incision is performed inside mouth and Fat pad extraction is done. Patient can go home on same day. Meticulous care during surgery is required to achieve optimal results.