Skin care Tips

Secrets to clean fresh skin

Every body wants clean & healthy skin. They opt for different skin care products including creams, facials etc. But mostly ending up causing severe damage to skin. Some are faced with common skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, scars.

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Sun Protection

Sun protection is one the basic factors to prevent harmful effect on skin. Sun over exposure may leads to pigmentation, melasma & early skin aging. So routine use of sunblocks & sun screens is recommended. Minimum SPF 30 with repeated application per day.

AVOID Sweets, oily stuff

Sweets & oily things lead to excessive acne & other skin damaging effects. so should be consumed in careful manner.


Drink a lot of water. Eat fresh vegetables & fruits to make your skin healthier & fresh. these removes toxins from body

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Hydrate dry skin

Regular use of moisturizer, helps to prevent dryness of skin & later on damage.

Avoid Smoking

smoking causes the darkening of lips & early aging of skin as proved by multiple researches.

Treatment of Acne

Teenagers is the most prone age for acne, pimples. Acne should be treated early to prevent acne scars. Options for acne scar removal include.

Acne scars

For acne in addition to basic skin care, You need opinion of doctor to prescribe medicine so that it is quickly treated.

Acne treatment consists of antibiotics, topical & systemic retinoids for 3 to 12 months. But these medicine require strict supervision of doctor to avoid side effects of these medicines.

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Acne Scar Treatment

If acne is not treated properly , it will result in acne scars. Acne scars can be treated in multiple ways including cosmetic surgery options.

Acne treatment
acne pimples, holes
  1. Micro needling therapy

Micro needling therapy is suitable for treatment of acne scars through its collagen induction mechanism.  It fills the small pits & acne holes. Multiple sessions required.

2. Laser treatments

Laser treatment can help in treatment of acne scars. agin multiple session 2 to 3 weeks apart are required.

acne scar treatment in Lahore, Pakistan
Acne scar treatment before & after

3. Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is also well known method for these scars.

4. Fat Grafting

Fat grafting may be required in severe acne scarring to fill holes.It is one of cosmetic or plastic surgery options for acne scar.  Filler injections can also be used for this purpose but it needs to be repeated every 6 months.

Acne scar Treatment cost

Acne scar treatment cost in Lahore, Pakistan ranges from 6 to 35 thousand per session depending upon treatment modality . Each patients has separate requirements, so cost of acne scar treatment may be variable.

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Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation or skin resurfacing may required after certain time period to give fresh look to skin. Options for skin rejuvenation include microdermabrasion, micro needling therapy, fractionated laser & dermabrasion..

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Skin whitening Treatments

Currently through out world modern trend of skin whitening treatments. For this purpose multiple skin formula creams are used which may be harmful to skin.

For skin lightening treatment

  1. need sun protection with sun blocks & sun screens
  2. Currently skin whitening injections or glutathione injections are most commonly employed.

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Glutathione pills are also frequently used for mantainence purpose